Saraswati Manor

The name SARASWATI comes from the owner's grandmother's name

The manor house dates back to 1926 and until 1945 belonged to the Richter family - owners of the nearby I.G. Schiller Mechanische Pluesch- und Schuhstof-Fabrik factory. In the post-war period, the villa served as the headquarters of the nationalized FATMA furniture factory.

In 2004 it was transformed into a stylish romantic hotel facility. The architecture of the manor house and interior elements are kept in the art deco style, which is rare in Poland. The original stained glass windows from the first half of the 19th century have also been preserved in the windows. XX century.

The name SARASWATI comes from the name of the owner's grandmother - an American of Indian descent. It is also the name of the Hindu goddess of books and skills, guardian of science and art, hence close to us, the owners - musicians by education and passion. 

We also encourage our guests to bring books, favorite music, musical instruments and artistic tools.

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